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Losing Myself
Sunday, April 8.

Quiet cliche, but whaddup? Haven't been writing in so long. I tried to sneak in some time but idk why i keep doing things.

        Now, here in Gombak i am. Finally kan? Dulu masa baru nak masuk foundation ingat dapat masuk Gombak terus rupanya kena transit PJ dengan Gambang dulu. Suprisingly, aku dapat communication engineering. Dreams do come true right? Memang minat aku dari kecil lagi. I had so much fun belajar.

        Tapi at the same time, banyak benda aku belajar. Banyak. I'm starting to see the world differently. Belajar buat ini buat itu, belajar sorang-sorang. Sometimes, i lost in my own battle. I gave so much to people to the point i left with nothing. I heard everything literally everything. No longer have feelings i must say. People don't see our effort, our struggles to make things right. But i'm confused. How can they say it's not normal? Just because they don't go through it as much as i do?

        When they were in pain, i tried so hard to understand. While trying to help them, i was in pain too. Maybe i concerned too much? I swear i wasn't like this before. Dahla malas nak sambung. Bye, tutup salam.

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