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Saturday, June 28.


Hey hey. It's Ramadhan. Time sure flies fast. I thought it hasn't been a long time since New Year but now we 're celebrating Ramadhan. First of all, Salam Ramadhan.

I kinda feeling unwell these days. I don't know why. I hope Ramadhan could make me feel healthier because fasting can help our body to stabilize the systems and all. I didn't know much eventhough i'm a biology student. 

However, people should control the amount of consuming food during iftar especially. Normal lah kan bila pergi bazaar Ramadhan je mesti nak itu nak ini. Being too fulled is not healthy. You'll feel your body are so tired and it could makes us feel very very very lazy to terawih. 

On the other hand, bukan setakat makan je kena control tapi mata, telinga, mulut dengan akal. Insha Allah kita boleh. Bye

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